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Company History

The idea for Statewide Cleaning Supplies came in 1973 when Jim and Yvonne Woodall trading under the name Longwood Agencies took on the Vinco polishing machine agency for Western Australia. Quickly they realised the potential for other associated products targeted at the rapidly developing contract cleaning industry and soon after Statewide Cleaning Supplies was established.


Originally located in a small unit in Hector St Osborne Park, Statewide quickly outgrew this location and relocated to 41 Frobisher Street Osborne Park. Here Jim and Yvonne set about establishing Statewide’s reputation for excellent reliable service to the contract cleaning, institutional and property management industries.


Statewide Cleaning Supplies was once a chemical manufacturer making Whiteley chemicals under license. Eventually Jim and Yvonne decided that they could better serve their clients by closely aligning themselves with the major product manufacturers many of whom have strong partnerships with Statewide today like Johnson Diversey, Whiteley Chemicals, Research Products, ED Oates, Kimberley Clark and SCA.


Soon Statewide out grew 41 Frobisher Street and Jim and Yvonne successfully bought 39 Frobisher Street moving Statewide next door to larger premises in the late 1980’s. The early 90’s saw Statewide’s continued growth, it also saw Jim and Yvonne’s eldest son Aaron join the family business. The late 90’s saw Statewide take back 39 Frobisher Street combining both premises into one operation. The turn of the century saw Jim and Yvonne’s youngest son Chad join the business making it a truly family owned and operated enterprise.


During 2006 plans were finally approved for the Woodall family to demolish the old asbestos building situated at 41 Frobisher St and build a new facility which would facilitate Statewide’s growth into the future. Later that year construction got underway and was finally completed in June 2007.


Throughout  this whole process all members of the family have maintained that it is  Statewide’s commitment to placing the customers need first that has contributed  to Statewide growth over some 40 years and it will be this same commitment that  will ensure its success into the future.