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IPhone App

Statewide’s IPhone App has been designed to allow customers to order products from the palm of their hand. The App automatically synchronises all of the clients sites and available products to allow them to reorder from sites effectively speeding up the supply process.


Once the relevant site has been selected then the user can easily order products from a preapproved list.


Delivery Instructions are confirmed and the order is sent directly to Statewide with an email confimation to the user.

The Statewide App can be found in iTunes at the following link: Statewide App

Also Statewide App featured in Inclean Magazine Jan/Feb 3013. Inclean Jan-Feb2013

If you wish to have your company set up to use the Statewide App please register your interest at the following email address: statewideapp@statewideclean.com.au